Behringer Neutron Overlay

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Black light reactive overlay for Behringer Neutron.

Made of Polycarbonate
Not all overlays are created equal. Other overlays are made of synthetic paper. We manufacture our overlays to last with aerospace grade, scratch-resistant matte polycarbonate so your synth stays looking good.

A Perfect Fit
All of our overlays are made in the USA and are die-cut to extremely precise tolerances in an ISO 9001 certified facility, ensuring a perfect fit and easy installation.

Streamlined Interface
The screen-printed user interface of our overlays has been professionally designed by user interface experts with ease of use and readability in mind. 

Ultra-Bright Glow
Our specially formulated phosphorescent pigment gives faceplate graphics the brightest possible glow under your black light, but also looks impressive in normal lighting.

 **Can be installed permanently with adhesive backing or non-permanently so that your synth can be easily reverted to stock**